The Lincoln Assassination

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The Lincoln Assassination Blog
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A community for discussing the Lincoln Assassination, John Wilkes Booth, and all things related.
This is a community on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. Feel free to branch off into other vaguely related topics. We're hoping to meet others into this thrilling bit of history, rather than just ranting about it in our own journals to the dismay of our less interested friends.

Uhm, it's pretty informal, too. Like, if you post that you named you cat after Gideon Welles or something, I for one will just laugh. It's not one of those communities where you get kicked out for being weird or secesh or talking to historical characters like they can hear. Err. But we're both enthusiastic and serious researchers, so all sorts of posts from the fanciful to obscure are welcome. Maybe we can all help each other, from our own little corners.

From Bungo: If you named your cat after Gideon Welles, please post so I can fall in love with you I will still like you, but it will not be like before. Mr. Welles and I have sadly had a falling out.

Some entries are locked. Anyone is welcome to join & post.

No, I can only speak for some of us, but we do not hate Abraham Lincoln. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets asked that all the time. I <3 Abraham Lincoln. Happy 200th Birthday!