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Mon, Dec. 7th, 2009, 12:28 am
ebooth_myhamlet: Booth Family Timeline

1796: Junius Brutus Booth is born on May 1, 1796, in London, England.

1813: Junius makes his professional debut as an actor on December 13, 1813.

1814: While on tour in Europe, Junius (18-years-old) persuades Marie Christine Adelaide Delannoy (22-years-old) to elope with him from her mother’s home in Brussels, Belgium, on November 25, 1814.

1815: Junius marries Marie Delannoy on May 8, 1815, in London, England. Their first child, a daughter named Amelia Portia Adelaide, is born on October 5, 1815. She dies in infancy.

1817: Only three years after his professional debut, Junius finds himself engaged in a bitter rivalry with the great English actor Edmund Kean who emerges triumphant.

1819: Richard Junius Booth, son of Junius and Marie Booth, is born January 21, 1819, in London, England.

1821: In early 1821, 24-year-old Junius “elopes” with the beautiful Mary Ann Holmes. They sail to the United States arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, on June 30, 1821. Their first child, Junius Brutus Jr., is born on December 22, 1821, in Charleston, South Carolina.

1822: Junius and Mary Ann arrive in Harford County in the summer of 1822 and by 1824 own their own 150 acre working farm where many of their children are born.

1823: Junius and Mary Ann’s oldest daughter Rosalie is born on July 5, 1823. Over the next 17 years eight more children are born.

1833: Three of the Booth children (Mary Ann, Frederick, Elizabeth) die of cholera in 1833 and are buried in a cemetery on the Booth farm. Edwin Thomas Booth is born on November 13, 1833.

1835: Asia Sydney Booth is born on November 20, 1835.

1835: Henry Byron Booth, son of Junius and Mary Ann, dies of smallpox on December 28, 1835, while the family is in England. He is 11-years-old at the time of his death.

1838: John Wilkes Booth is born on May 10, 1838.

1840: Joseph Adrian Booth is born on February 8, 1840.

1851: Junius and his first wife are divorced on April 18, 1851; Junius and Mary Ann are officially married on May 10, 1851.

1852: Junius Brutus Booth Sr. dies on a riverboat on the Ohio River while on tour on November 30, 1852, at the age of 56, of a mysterious illness that may have been caused by drinking unclean water from the river. By the time of his death, Junius is considered to be one of the greatest actors ever to appear on the American stage. He is buried in the Baltimore Cemetery, but his remains are moved to Green Mount Cemetery in 1869.

1853: Mary Ann Booth rents out the family’s Baltimore townhouse and moves to Tudor Hall with her four youngest children.

1857: After it becomes apparent that neither John Wilkes nor Joseph is cut out for farming, Mary Ann rents out the Booth farm in the summer of 1857. None of the Booths ever live on the property again.

1859: Asia Booth marries comic actor John Sleeper Clarke on April 28, 1859, in Baltimore, Maryland. They have six children, two of whom become actors.

1860: Edwin Booth marries former actress Mary Devlin on July 7, 1860. They have one daughter named Edwina born December 9, 1861. Mary dies in 1863 of consumption.

1864: Between November 26, 1864, and March 22, 1865, Edwin Booth appears in 100 consecutive performances of Hamlet at the Winter Garden theatre in New York. For nearly 30 years, Edwin continues to be one of the most popular actors in America.

1865: On the evening of April 14, 1865, well-known actor John Wilkes Booth shoots President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC. In a failed attempt to escape, John Wilkes is killed in Virginia on April 26, 1865, after the barn in which he is hiding is surrounded by Federal troops. John Wilkes is 26 at the time of his death.

1869: Edwin marries former actress Mary McVicker on June 7, 1869. They have one child, Edgar, who dies at birth. In 1869, the Booth family cemetery plot is established in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore. Many (but not all) members of the family will eventually be buried there.

1881: Mary McVicker Booth dies on November 13, 1881, her husband Edwin’s 48th birthday.

1883: Junius Brutus Booth Jr. dies on September 16, 1883, in Manchester, Massachusetts, and is buried at Manchester’s Rosedale Cemetery. “June” had successful careers as a theatre manager and a hotel owner. He married several times and had six children.

1885: Mary Ann Holmes Booth dies in New York City on October 22, 1885, and is buried at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore.

1888: Asia Booth Clarke dies in Bournemouth, England, on May 16, 1888, and is buried at Green Mount Cemetery. Asia had moved to England with her husband and children in 1868 and never returned to the United States during her lifetime.

1889: Rosalie Ann Booth dies on January 15, 1889, at her brother Joseph’s home in Long Branch, New Jersey, and is buried at Green Mount Cemetery. She never married.

1893: Edwin Booth dies at The Players in New York City on June 7, 1893. The Players is a gentleman’s club founded by Edwin in 1888 that still exists today. Edwin is buried next to his first wife in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston.

1902: Dr. Joseph Booth dies in New York City on February 26, 1902, and is buried at Green Mount Cemetery. Joseph married twice and had no surviving children.